June 05, 2013

Teacher: Kids, bring your Nerf guns to school. I have a fun experiment planned. School: Kids, we have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to toy guns. You're all suspended

There have been a lot of news stories recently about young children being punished for talking about guns, making toy guns, owning toy guns, and drawing guns. This new story takes the cake: a group of students from Chase Lake Elementary School in Edmonds, Washington, asked their teacher if they could bring Nerf guns to school. The teacher gave permission, but the school punished the children with suspension anyway.
The students even had a perfectly legitimate reason to bring the guns to school; they wanted to fire foam darts 100 times as part of a probability experiment.
The school quickly enforced its zero tolerance policy and booted the students. In fact, they even suspended students who were simply present during the experiment. Shannon Shumard’s fourth grade daughter and sixth grade son got caught in the crossfire because they played with the guns, even though other students brought the guns to school.
The parents of the suspended students have said that they intend to appeal the suspensions, but the school stands strong by its convictions. “Again, it’s a matter of safety and it’s of the utmost importance. So even if it’s a toy, we take it seriously,” said Amanda Ralston, a spokeswoman for the school district.
The peculiar thing about this story isn’t that the school enforced such harsh penalties on the students – that seems to be the popular strategy nowadays. What’s odd is that the students were punished instead of the teacher.
Kids violating the rules is one thing, but punishing students after a teacher gave the Nerf guns a thumbs up is much more problematic.  
Shumard added, "If the teacher and the school staff don't even know their own rules, how are the children supposed to know them?"
All of these recent stories have called into question the severity of school gun policies. Do you think that being so relentless against guns will help prevent children from brining real guns to school, or do you think that the schools are overreacting to a bit of harmless fun?


  1. You see, what's happening is NOT a matter of safety.

    The Elite, tptb, have mandated that schools teach the children to "be frightened to touch a gun, or any other weapon."

    They're conditioning the next generation, IN ALL WAYS, not to rebel, not to defend themselves against authority. They're conditioning children to obey without question, and not to even think of defending themselves against their controllers

    In this way, the "Authorities' are bringing about Neo-Feudalism. The Society in existence AFTER the Romans. After the Norman Conquest in England....where there were ONLY the "peasants", formerly free Warriors of Old Europe....and the "Nobles /Monarchs."

    That was the time when a "peasant" was not ever allowed to touch a sword, or weapon, or risk having having their hand cut off or blinded.

    And later, Edward I (of the 'Braveheart" movie) and even Elizabeth I, punished any peasant rebellions, by drawing, quartering and hanging peasants. therefore, any "peasant" trembled, at the very thought of daring to own a weapon.

    Those are the same conditions, tptb want to bring about now.

    1. 1000% correct.

    2. Absolutely correct. It is about conditioning the
      Pavlovian response of submission.. If you love your
      kids and this country home school them. Don't even
      think about letting them get anywhere near a
      government school..

    3. Your theory about today is probably correct however peasants had to own and practice with their longbow in the time of Edward III (Archery Law, 1363). Obama is worse than a medieval British tyrant.

  2. Overreaction does not protect children. It lets real threats get lost in the noise.

    The principal should be fired.

  3. What if there was an amazing, progressive school that embraced guns and gun safety as a fun way to learn about other important things at appropriate levels for various student age groups?

    So much academic and life skill can be taught with closely supervised and safe exposure to, and around the topic of firearms:

    1. Responsibility for one's actions
    2. Safety with dangerous equipment
    3. Proper and effective use of protective equipment
    4. Newtonian and other branches of physics, optics, sound propagation, behaviour of objects moving faster-than-sound, etc.
    5. Chemistry (propellant, ammunition manufacture and metallurgy, cleaning, etc)
    6. Eye-hand coordination (target shooting)
    7. Civics, politics, Constitution, Bill of Rights
    8. History
    9. Criminology, forensics
    10. As here, probability, statistics...
    11. Self defence (both using guns for self defence and defending against attackers with guns)
    12. Self-sufficiency and hunting responsibly

    But no. In today's overly litigious, overly insured-and-limited-by-liability, politically correct victim-ocracy, firearms are reduced to objects of terror, discipline, fear, confusion, social taboo, and misunderstanding at school.

    And of course, anything that is that deeply in denial at school will be explored by the curious student, outside of school. Yes, they just gave up an opportunity to teach in favour of fear and dangerous misinformation. They consciously chose that path, those that push the "zero tolerance" gun meme.

    It's probably the ultimate "throwing out the baby with the bathwater" effect of modern "politically correct" society. Children are being indoctrinated to know nothing empowering about guns, only what they get from Hollywood and possibly dangerous misinformation encountered outside of a wholesome school environment.

    And possibly very soon, society will reap the rewards of being programmed to be terrified of all things firearms related. Those encountering firearms for the first time outside a safe environment will respond by the programming, with confusion and fear. The ultimate victims, born and bred.

    I know which sort of school I'd rather have my family involved with.

  4. How is it that stupid people who hate kids are running all of our schools?

  5. HOLY SHIT ! America is becominig abunch of nancy boy loving jack wagons ! This whole thing over the IDEA of guns ? I would concider my self a "liberal" person , but ,damn , this is a load of whiny pussy ass shit . I disagree with the vast majority of right wing policy but this whole gun control thing is getting out of hand . I am beginning to think that the CIA programmed the Sandybrook killer as a part of a namby pamby effort to take guns away from people and enforce martial law ,and thus summoming the antichrist who will disarm the worlds popuation and centralize all military power in one place! AND Im not even chirstian !

  6. A little group punishment for the innocent.
    Is the school demonstrating fascist regimes or violent dictatorships for history?

    The kids were told to bring them, then suspended for doing what the teacher said? Even kids who where just part of the class? Have you folks all gone insane?
    What happened America? You used to be such a cool neighbor.

  7. sue the teacher in civil court

    1. Sue the teacher....for what? Creativity?
      Seems legit.

  8. All the while praising the soldiers killing enemies by the hundreds of thousands in countries "over there."

    They also praise the police who, thank God for the WWW, we now know kill and maim people everyday for simply talking back to them.

  9. hopefully, this event will be a wake up call for the parents

    HOMESCHOOL your children

  10. The solution is to get your kids out of public schools. Why did you have kids if you let them become mindless dolts?

  11. While wrongly indoctrinating against guns, the same schools promote boys holding hands, kissing, etc. This is not education!~ No wonder kids can't read or speak proper English.

    The teacher approved but the kids paid the price demonstrating that you can't trust authority! The solution is to dispose of school boards that approve of this brainwashing, and get back to teaching math, reading, and other fundamental subjects.

  12. That's right kiddos. You can't play with guns until it's time to join the military and invade sovereign nation to plunder for their natural resources.