May 05, 2013

White Supremacist kills child molester after finding out where he lives on a website due to "Megan's Law" requiring their location be publicly documented

A Northern California white supremacist convicted of killing a child molester has been sentenced to 26 years to life in prison, while his wife — convicted of being an accessory — will be released from jail in about two months, The Sacramento Bee reported Saturday.

Charles Francis Gaskins, 48, was sentenced Friday after pleading no contest in March for the killing of Neil Hayes in 2009. A probation report said Gaskins was a member of a supremacist group that required its members to attack anyone with a history of child molestation.

Gaskins and his wife — Sandra Sheaves — was living in a home she owned in Carmichael, a community outside of Sacramento, when they allowed the 66-year-old Hayes to move in. Gaskins had met Hayes while they were both serving time in prison, The Bee said.

When Sheaves discovered on the Megan's Law website that Hayes was a registered sex offender, she told Gaskins.

Gaskins and Sheaves confronted Hayes in the garage of the home, with Gaskins killing him by repeatedly hitting him in the head with a large rock, prosecutors said.

Hayes' body was later found dumped along the side of a rural road about 35 miles away in Placerville.

As part of his no-contest plea, Gaskins insisted authorities go easy on Sheaves, who also was charged with Hayes' murder.

Prosecutors agreed, allowing her to plead no contest to accessory to murder. Sheaves, 43, was sentenced to eight years in prison.

"In a way, you almost instigated this, by showing the information from Megan's Law to Mr. Gaskins," Sacramento Superior Court Judge Sharon Lueras said in sentencing Sheaves.

With time served and other factors, Sheaves is expected to be released in 66 days, according to her attorney, James Warden.


  1. He should have "droned" him, that is apparently legal.

  2. really???? wow, the world has officially taken a leave of absence...and is NOT coming back!
    you know, don't let the "white supremacist" label fool you....he was doing the rest of us AND our kids a huge favor, and they wanna put him away for 20 years?? so, let me get this right...the rest of us normal ones must pay for the upkeep and what-not for a DNA reject that will probably hurt another child, given half a chance, so well-known is the recidivism rate of these particular criminals.NO!! my money is NOT going to be spent on the worthless hide of a snake who only wants to play with kids and sees nothing wrong with such a depraved mindset. better dead than me or you paying for the welfare of a monster. why is it more just to lock up a young man, who despite his radical beliefs, still has a conscience! yet, they want you and me to pay for chester-molester to find a nice home and "re-integrate" back into society, poor put-upon and misunderstood guy! nobody gets his particular affliction, well, now we can rest freak of nature will never hurt another kid. but, because of the real possibility of more chesters on the bench, and in places of control and authority, they vindictively ruin a mans life because he killed "one of their own" and now must pay the price, instead of a medal

    1. well put, better dead than to support these parasites any longer.

  3. Notice how leftwing news writers will always describe any Caucasian who stands for the rights of Europeans Americans as a "white supremacist".
    These same writers will never use the term "Hispanic supremacist" when mentioning the Hispanic group La Raza, which actually means "the race" in Spanish.
    Nor will these devious writers use "Black supremacist" when mentioning the Black Panthers & their crimes.
    Nor will these writers use the term "Jewish supremacist" when mentioning the ADL or AIPAC when discussing their grip on our law makers.
    The message is simple, Christian whites who stand for their interests will be maligned with hateful descriptions while non-whites will be made to look like innocent advocacy groups.

  4. I'd call that 2 for 2. :/