February 23, 2013

The World's Catholic Population

Over the past century, the number of Catholics around the world has more than tripled, according to a study by the Pew Research Center. As of 2010, there are nearly 1.1 billion Catholics, up from an estimated 291 million in 1910.
 Catholics comprise 50 percent of all Christians worldwide and 16 percent of the world’s total population. In 2010, the majority of the world’s Catholics were to be found in the Latin American/Carribbean region (39 percent, or 425 million).
 In 1910, two-thirds of Catholics (65 percent) lived in Europe. By 2010, only about a quarter of Catholics (24 percent) live in Europe.
 The country with the largest Catholic population in the world, Brazil was 65 percent Catholic in 2010, down from 74 percent in 2000.
 The country with the second-largest Catholic population, Mexico, dropped from 89 percent in 2000 to 85 percent in 2010.


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  2. World population in 1910: 1.5 Billion,
    world population in 2012: 7 Billion

    In one century the world population has multiplied by a factor of 4.5
    (above figures are rounded for clarity).

    The population growth rate in Europe has dropped, whereas Africa is experiencing a population explosion. Also the literacy rate and relative rate of income is higher in Europe than in developing and/or poor/illiterate countries. Growing wealth and health = smarter and smaller families with fewer children to continue the religious tradition. Conversely: improving health standards contribute to exploding surviving and exponentially growing size of families in non-Euro regions.

    Ergo: the number of catholics are dropping. I expect the same holds true for other religions. 2k+ year-old mores are massively out of step with the present. Time to ditch the antiquated dogma and replace it with something reflecting modern concerns, or religions will go the way of the dinos.

    1. you'll learn much when it's too late do do your pitiful soul any good.

    2. The truth is Jesus was scrificed for all people out of pure mercy by God the father. Jesus having been tested and tempted in all ways humans can be, yet without sin, gave God the full knowledge of how hard it is to live a rightous life in this world with our human weakness. This "gift" of Christ is the ultimate gift. The Catholic church was started by Christ Himself to grow the flock and foster the truth. It might be called religion but it is a personal relationship with Jesus we are called to have. To pray and trust in God, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The church has failed terrible in it's attempts to grow the faith and will be tested as was Jesus to clense it from the inside out. Despite its problems most priests are good and holy and the mass is a sacrifice of Jesus through the sacrament of Holy Communion. Despite the churchs struggles the gates of hell will not prevail against it said Jesus Himself. His church although if may be reduced to a fraction of itself before exploding the faith throughout the world. Thanks to Jesus we can owe God $1000 worth of sin and yet pay Him with one penny. This saving grace is almost hard to understand. I have been in mortal sin and have been pulled from it by God's grace, I have experienced to me unquestionable miricles in my life due to my faith.

      Bottom line is truth and morals can't change, so if the Church and Jesus seem outdated it's the world that has fallen behind.

      Find Christ and Joy will follow.

  3. I don´t think this report is correct, there was no Czech Republic in 1910 and the Czech are mainly protestant not Catholic since Jan Hus was burned for his views in 1415. Maybe they were taking into account the Moravians and Silesians (who are mainly Catholic) and make up half of todays 10 million population and are living under one "roof" with the Czechs in todays Czech Republic. The Czechs are mainly atheists today.
    Almost the same applies to Nigeria, which has a big Catholic population thanks to the Biafrans, who were betrayed by the big money because their territory is rich with oil. Their fight for freedom was quashed by Brits and others over 40 years ago. They could have evolved into a very big and rich Catholic nation... Look what is being done to Kurds in Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Syria... Although they have oil, nobody is willing to give them their own statehood, instead Turks are fighting them hard although Kurds form about 20% of the population... And what about Kosovo? It is a well known fact it was fought for so the heroin would flow freely to the West thru Bosnia.
    Love to all. Vladimir

  4. It is nearly two thousand years since Jesus' three and a half years ministry and founding of HIS Church. Why is there a ratio of Catholics to world population of only about 1:7 and the spiritual focus/state of Catholics noticeably more worldly than spiritual. Is there a lack of zeal or is it God's plan for the Church before Jesus returns.

    1. Human weakness, thank God for Jesus.

  5. These are interesting stats, the only thing I notice is the 2010 pie chart shows North America with 88.5 million catholics yet the USA has 75.4 million, Canada (not listed) has about 13 million and Mexico has 96.5 million. Looks like they are missing Mexico as part of North American (last time I checked it was part) and yet don't account for these 95 million catholics in the chart unless included in Caribbean. (which doesn't make sence)