February 11, 2013

High school bans friends of dying teenager who overdosed on prescription pills from selling wristbands to help her parents raise money for medical bills because it 'would glorify drug use'

Kerrigan Brandon is a teenager with a big smile and a kind heart.
The Roosevelt High School sophomore will never get to hang out with her friends again.
The 15-year-old is in critical condition after overdosing on a cocktail of prescription pills on January 12th.
Her mother told, the teen is severely brain dead and may only have days to live.

The girl's mother told that:"She has no function, but to lay in bed, that would be her life. They said could be couple days at most a week."
Kerrigan's friends at Roosevelt high school knew their friend's family would need financial support, so they had plans to sell bright pink bracelets that read "Prayers for Kear Bare."
The $2 from each bracelet along with money from t-shirt sales would go directly to Kerrigan's family.
Yet the students told  that school officials wouldn't allow them from selling the fundraisers on school premises, as it would promote the use of drugs.


  1. Promoting the use of drugs? Wow, brain dead, that looks pretty cool, I'll have to try that.

  2. The amazing thing is that the wrist bands would have the exact oppposite effect on the impressionable psyhe of the high school students. Those retatrds who have entrenched themselves in the administration are certainly unaware of the emtions of the students and they will find this decision of theirs will blow back on them.

    Mean while the students should sell the braceletts off campus and then proudly wears them to school. The students do have a right and perhaps a moral responsibility to bring about awareness of the tradgedy of this situation.