January 05, 2013

NASA’s Curiosity rover finds ‘flower’ on surface of Mars

A cluster of what look like flower pistils on the red planet have been photographed by space experts at NASA.

The so called ‘Martian-flower’ is pictured in an image that was captured by NASA’s Curiosity rover and appears to be blooming on the red planet.

NASA says the image captured is not of debris as it appears to be growing from rock on the planet’s surface, though it has not confirmed if the growth is in fact a plant.

Space fans took to discussion forums online speculating what the object identified could be, with one suggesting it looked like the pistils of a blooming flower.

    Others speculated that it could be a precious stone such as quartz that is embedded in the rock.

    Guy Webster, spokesman for NASA said told: ‘I would guess that the 'flower' was someone's descriptive term for its appearance, not meant as an interpretation that flowers exist on Mars.’
    A similar peculiar find on Mars in October last year turned out to be nothing more than a piece of plastic that had fallen off NASA’s Curiosity rover itself.  

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