December 09, 2012

37-year-old mom fights to block radiotherapy for cancer-stricken son, fears it will lower his IQ

A MUM fighting to block radiotherapy for her cancer-stricken son told the High Court yesterday: “I’m not bonkers”.

Sally Roberts fears Neon, seven, may be left with a lower IQ if given the treatment following the removal of a brain tumour.

Doctors say it is “clearly” in the boy’s best interests to have radiotherapy and chemotherapy — and say that without it the tumour will recur and kill him.

But 37-year-old Ms Roberts says she is taking a “principled” stand because of the potential risks of the treatment.

She sparked a hunt this week when she disappeared with Neon. A High Court appeal helped locate the pair. New Zealander Ms Roberts, of Tiverton, Devon, told the court she was “forced” into it and is not a “bonkers mother”.
She said: “I very much apologise. I thought if I brought my son to the hospital they would proceed with the treatment.

“Radiotherapy could damage his future. He has an incredible sense of humour, he is a great artist. I feel with radiotherapy we are depriving him of his talents.”
Before the hearing, Ms Roberts — separated from Neon’s dad — told how a doctor described radiotherapy to her as “frying the brain”. She said: “I fear they are going to fry my son’s brain when there are other ways to proceed.”

She has investigated natural remedies abroad. But a lawyer representing health authorities told the court the alternative to radiotherapy is “death”.
Judge Mr Justice Bodey is being asked to decide if the treatment is in Neon’s best interests. The hearing goes on.

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