November 19, 2012

Research suggests children are hiding their talents and skills in school for fear of being bullied

Some children are hiding their talents and skills in school for fear of being bullied, research has suggested.
Nearly half of UK children have played down a talent because of bullying fears, a survey of 1,042 children aged 11 to 16 suggests.
And more than a quarter of those polled for England's anti-bullying week said they had quit an activity they enjoy for the same reasons.
One in 10 said they had played down their ability in science.
And nearly one in five girls said they deliberately underachieved in maths skills to avoid being bullied.
Fewer boys, one in 10, reported playing down their maths ability for the same reason.
Sports bullies
The poll also suggested many children (11%) having stopped singing because of the fears, some 8% said they had stopped doing drama and 9% dancing. Some 8% have quit a sport because of bullying fears.
A survey last year suggested two-thirds of parents had witnessed bullying and intimidation on the sports field.
Ross Hendry, chair of the Anti-Bullying Alliance - a coalition of organisations tackling bullying, said it could lead to children missing school, failing exams, dropping out of sport, avoiding extra-curricular activities and limiting their life choices.
"It's unacceptable that rather than celebrate their talent, they feel that they have to hide their gifts, purposely underachieve in crucial subjects and miss out on things they enjoy because of bullying."
The poll was carried out with a panel of 1,042 children online between August and October this year.


  1. Good Grief,
    50 years ago, we were bullied for being in the choir, because i was small, I had to be the hooker in the 2cnd rugby 15.
    I switched to hockey, and they hit me with sticks.
    I wanted to take up ballet, but my father refused, (have you seen the teenage girls who are ballet dancers).
    Get a grip people, life is tough and full of mean people. You think school is hard, wait till you join a bank or even worse, become a teacher.
    Unless you are an ass-licking swot, school years will be the worst, most boring, pointless years of your life.
    The only thing that you will learn, which wil be of value, is how to handle D**kheads. (Students and teachers)

  2. Another reason to homeschool.

  3. When I was younger I played Ice Hockey. I believe playing a contact sport is a good thing. It teaches one not to be intimidated. You will probably get hurt once in a while but you will heal. The greater scare, which can become a festering wound is to cower to bullies.
    Every time you take a stand against intimidation you will earn respect and bullying will stop. Intimidators are cowards to begin with and easily stopped. You may get cut or bruised but bullies fear defeat more than anything and standing up to them is the very defeat they fear.
    I was not the biggest or the best but showed no fear and always played hard. I played defense and always attacked those daring to come my way. Bodychecking them and learning the bigger they are the harder they fall. Technique is more important than size and skill more important then brawn. In the end most would attempt to go to the otherside and avoid me.
    Show no fear, let no criticism deter you and great things can come your way. Always remember, bullies are the real cowards.

  4. Concerning the arts, some of the most famous musical artists have been booed off the stage at one time or another. Bob Dylan, Prince, etc. You can not please everyone all the time. Seek those that enjoy your talents and seek others with like minds to grow your talents together.
    Ignore the bullies, it is a helpful technique because anyone who has ever played a performance knows that, more often than not, distractions will come your way and the 'art' of ignoring them is critical!

  5. That's entirely due to the atmosphere under the CCTV that is RAMPANT throughout the UK - that plus this stupid law that say that parents cannot hug & kiss their kids in public unless they are "registered".

    Whoever makes up these stupid laws are really scared of the people. The people need to stand up and say NO!!

  6. Because the US has turned into a thug society.