November 10, 2012

Chinese government blocks, Gmail, Google+, Maps, Docs, Analytics, Drive, more

The Chinese government has blocked access to, Gmail, Google Maps, Google Docs, Google Analytics, Google Drive, and many other Google services as the Communist Party of China holds the 18th Party Congress, which started Thursday morning. Google has confirmed the block , and a Google spokesperson offered the following statement: “We’ve checked and there’s nothing wrong on our end.”
This latest censorship is part of a long dispute between Google and the Chinese government that has been going on for years. The blocking was first reported by Chinese web monitoring site GreatFire, which summarized its findings like so:
  • The subdomains,,,,,, and perhaps many more are all currently DNS poisoned in China. Instead of the real IP addresses, any lookups from China to any of these domains result in the following IP: That IP address is located in Korea and doesn’t serve any website at all.
  • This means that none of these websites, including Google Search, currently work in China, unless you have a VPN or other circumvention tool.
  • Using a DNS server outside of China doesn’t help. A lookup of to is also distorted, by the Great Firewall.
  • So far you can still access other country versions of Google such as
While the subdomains and aren’t specifically mentioned, it seems that the Google Play Store and Google+, as well as pretty much any other service hosted on, are also being blocked. 

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