November 08, 2012

A World of Food: amazing foodscapes by Carl Warner (14Pics)

 'Candy Cottage'
 'Cucumber Bridge'
 'Cart & Banana Balloon'
 'Chilli Pepper Scorpion'
 'Yellow Oasis'
 'Corn Candle'
 Mr Warner is exhibiting some of his work at Westfield - Stratford City until Sunday (Nov 11). He will be giving talks from 1-5pm from Friday to Sunday.

'White Castle'
 'Paris Boulevard'
 'Chocolate Express'
'Pumpkin Paradise'
 'Crockerville' - a world made of Betty Crocker products
 'Mushroom Landscape'
'Fishscape' features rocks made of oyster shells and crab claws, boats made of marrows and asparagus, and a shining, silvery, slippery sea of fish

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