April 25, 2012

FBI to block web in 350,000 computers worldwide

American agency FBI will block internet services in over 350,000 personal computers across the world - including 80,000 in US and 20,000 in Britain - after they were infected with an invisible and undetectable Trojan computer virus.

The "internet blackout" will take place July 9, a newspaper reported Wednesday.

The computer virus called "DNSChanger" sends internet users to unintended and illegal sites. A report said the virus originally emerged in Estonia.

The virus also blocks infected users from visiting secure sites that could help them rid of the worm.

The FBI detected the infection some time back and had set up temporary servers to keep the infected computers working. But reports said it was costing much.

The temporary servers were created to allow companies to remove the worm from their infected servers. Those affected had 120 days to get rid of the malware.

After FBI warnings, the number of computers infected with the virus plunged, and now most are in the hands of private individuals, not companies.


  1. So the FBI know exactly which computers are infected by this invisible and undetectable Trojan computer virus and they can block internet to computers from other countries. Hmmmmm

  2. ...that would be a good time to ramp up WWIII. Time to set up the wifi peer to peer network or go ham radio.