August 03, 2015

The 50 States Of America If They Were Given Catch Phrases

Alabama: Well.. at least we're not Mississippi. 

 Like Canada, but f**k you! 

 Papers please. 

Come for the meth, stay because you 
traded your car for more meth. 

 "We're better than you, and we know it." 

Colorado: It's the California you can afford to buy a 
house in. 

Connecticut: "Full of pit stops when going from 
Boston to New York!" 

Delaware: "Are you...are you talking me? It's been 
years! Don't leave!" 

Florida: The more North you go the more South it 

Georgia: "Walking Dead and Archer: Come for the 

Hawaii: Yes, we're technically a state! 

Idaho: No, you da hoe. Also? Potatoes. 

Illinois: Because Chicago isn't big enough to be its 
own state. 

Indiana: College Basketball!...and Corn. 

Iowa: We're relevant during the primaries! 

Kansas: It's like elevator music with grass. 

Kentucky: Come for the bourbon, stay because you 
drank way too much bourbon. 

Louisiana: Please send help. 

Maine: As seen in every Stephen King novel! 

Maryland: "We Have Crabs!" 

Massachusetts: We don't talk like that. Shut the f**k 

Michigan: "Our main export is crippling depression." 

Minnesota: Cheese Is Good. 

Mississippi: Well... at least we're not Mis-- D'oh! 

Missouri: It's not the heat, it's the humidity. 

Montana: "Not Even Once" Nebraska: CORN! and not much else. 

Nevada: Come on vacation leave on probation. 

New Hampshire: 69ing Vermont for over 200 years! 

New Jersey: F**k you! You can't pump your own gas. 

New Mexico: Arizona's not racist neighbor! 

New York: "This city is just one small part of our state. There's a lot of other stuff up here." 

North Carolina: We're the best Carolina. 

North Dakota: "If we called it 'Upper South Dakota' 
instead, would you want to visit?

Ohio: Where every vote counts and the seasons don't 

Oklahoma: "Oklahoma is OK!" 

Oregon: "Check out all our trees, man" 

Pennsylvania: It's Always Sunny Here. 

Rhode Island: Why are we a state? 

South Carolina: Better Carolina. 

South Dakota: No, really. The mountain monument is 
in this one! 

Tennessee: A little bit country, a little bit rock and 

Texas: Everything is more Texas in Texas. 

Utah: Bring your wives! 

Vermont: "You drove right through it again" 

Virginia: What do you mean the North won? 

Washington: You know all that stuff your state 
wants? Yeah, we already have that. 

West Virginia: Not technically the South. 

Wisconsin: It's 5 o'clock somewhere, and that 
somewhere is right here. 

Wyoming: Where men are men and sheep are scared. 

This Is EXACTLY What We Can Expect At The First Republican Debate [Cartoon]

From Fox News:
Less than a week before a bushel of 2016 Republican presidential hopefuls square off for the first time in two Fox News debates, billionaire businessman Donald Trump is holding firm to his primary lead — while his lower-polling rivals battle for visibility in hopes of making the cut for the prime-time stage.

Trump, seemingly reveling in his role as instigator and bipartisan punching bag, opened up a 7-point lead over the rest of the field in the most recent national poll. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush also are polling consistently well.
Rather, the 11th-hour dash is among those in the middle and back of the pack, competing for the last of 10 slots in the prime-time event at Cleveland’s Quicken Loans Arena.
The Aug. 6 debate is hosted by Fox News, in conjunction with Facebook and the Ohio Republican Party.
The 9 p.m. ET stage will be open to the top 10 candidates in recent national polls. With 17 total candidates now in the race – former Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore was the latest, announcing his bid Thursday – not everyone will make the cut.

Those who don’t can qualify for an earlier debate, at 5 p.m. Fox News has eased the criteria for that debate, and candidates will no longer have to reach at least 1 percent in the polls to make the stage, though there are other criteria.
But there is heavy competition for the main event, the first time leading candidates will face off after seemingly weekly campaign kick-offs. …
Will you watch the debate later this week?

WATCH: Kansas cop goes off on f*ck-filled rant, threatens to arrest man for asking him a simple question

A Kansas sheriff’s deputy has apologized after being suspended for going off on a profanity-laced tirade and threatening to arrest a man for asking a simple question about a property dispute incident in his neighborhood, reports KSN.
Harper County Sheriff’s Deputy Vance Williams said “I unfortunately used language that I should never have used,” after video of him showed him using various iterations of “f*ck” eight times in less than one minute was posted online.
According to Jeff Jacobs, who recorded the video and posted it, “You can’t talk to people like that. [Officers] are supposed to be a protector, not come over here and put me down like that just ’cause I asked a question.”
In the video, Jacobs can be heard asking, Williams, “So how come you didn’t detain her — just out of curiosity — since she did just admit that she had her TV that she stole from…”  at which point Williams interrupted him.
“Why the f*ck am I talking to you?” Williams asked.
“Because I was just curious,” Jacobs replied.
“Okay. I don’t need anything from you. This is not my f*cking jurisdiction. You understand that?” Williams said.
“No, I don’t. I don’t have a clue. I don’t know what is going on,” Jacobs replied, and then the officer goes off, asking Jacobs for his ID and telling him to step down from the curb
“Say something else to me and we’ll see where this goes. Open your f*cking mouth, say something else,” Williams said. “This is not my — take your f*cking sunglasses off. Hat off, give me your identification. What’s your f*cking name? You want to spend the night in the f*cking pokey because you can’t shut your f*cking mouth?”
After Jacobs answers “No,” Williams sent him on his way with a parting “Enjoy your f*cking walk.”
Watch the video below, uploaded to YouTube by Jethro pcoletrain

The six healing sounds

Today we're far more familiar with the concepts of sounds, sound waves and the constantly vibrating state of all matter in the universe. We use ultrasound waves to look inside the human body, destroy gall and kidney stones, and search for oil as well as to unlock other secrets deep within the earth.

So what does this have to do with healing the body? Everything. In Chinese medicine, there are so many fantastic methods to heal and cure that are so little known today. One of these ancient healing methods is known as the "Six Healing Sounds" or the "Six Syllable Secret."

What they discovered was that, no matter what language a person spoke, when they had any particular illness they all made the same sound.

For example, if a person had a problem that was determined to be in their kidneys, they were often hunched over, had shallow breathing and made a characteristic "Wooooooooo" sound, regardless of their spoken language.

This is akin to how everyone in the world all makes the same "ha ha ha" sound when we laugh regardless of the language that we speak. Because humor generates a strong "E-motional" response in the body and mind which of a "fire" nature. E-motions are not just feelings but "Energy in Motion."

Each of the five major vital (yin) organs of the body, one of which is the heart, of them has its own sound. The five vital yin organs are the heart, lungs, liver, kidneys and spleen. There is actually another sound which corresponds to all the organs and is a sixth sound completing the set.

The Six Sounds

1) The Lungs -- To make the sound, start by taking a deep breath, then with a slow exhalation you make the sound "SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS"... similar to the sound of a snake while exhaling about 75% of the air in your lungs. As you inhale, imagine energy coming back into the lungs to recharge them and then exhale again while making the "SSSS" sound. Do this after each of the sounds for all of the organs/systems.

The sound does not need to be loud, and your exhalation should be gentle and calm. The lungs house the negative emotions of grief, sadness and sorrow and the positive emotions of righteousness, surrender, letting go, emptiness and courage.

2) The Kidneys -- The second sound is the sound for the kidneys, the "Woooooooooooooo" sound. Phonetically, it sounds more like "Wuuuuuuuuuuuuu." When this sound is made on the exhalation with the lips pursed as though blowing out a candle at a distance, it will begin to purge the kidneys of excess fire chi, increasing the flow of its energy and the energy of the rest of the internal organs.

3) The Liver -- To purge the liver, make the sound "SHHHHHHHHHHHHH"... "Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."The sound is just like the sound you would make when telling someone to be quiet, "Shhhh." In this case, we are in essence telling the liver to be quiet. Just like the previous sounds, we're going to make the sound soft and gentle, as this will help further facilitate the calming down of the liver chi.

4) The Heart. To perform the heart sound, we are going to first take a few deep breaths, then close the eyes and become aware of the heart. After a few breaths you can begin making the heart sound by tilting the head back and while looking up, open the mouth and make the sound HAWWWWWWWWWWWW upon exhalation.

Take a short rest between each repetition by taking a few normal breaths and, keeping the eyes closed, visualize a bright red color along with the qualities of joy, sincerity, honor and creativity coming into the heart with each inhalation. This is an important step, so do not skip it.

Practice the heart sound 3-6 times. If you have a sore throat, cold sores, swollen gum's or tongue, heart disease, heart pains, to detoxify the heart or you are experiencing moodiness or jumpiness, then perform this exercise from 9 to 36 times.

5) The Spleen. To perform the spleen sound, take a deep breath, then exhale and make the sound WHOOOOOOOOOO. Inhale and breathe deeply into the spleen, pancreas and stomach while imagining a bright yellow light with the qualities of fairness, compassion and musical creation entering them. Repeat this sound 3 to 6 times.

If you are experiencing indigestion, nausea, diarrhea or wish to detoxify the spleen, then perform this sound 9 to 36 times. This sound is more effective and healthier than using antacids. This is the only sound that can be done immediately after eating.

6) The Triple Burner. The sound for the triple burner is a very simple one. It is the same as the word "He" but the "e" sound is extended for the duration of the breath. The triple burner sound is HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. As with the other sounds this sound should be made very softly or "sub vocally" meaning you only need to breathe out and open your mouth as though making the sound, but without making a sound or vibrating the vocal chords. This sound can help to regulate the heartbeat and is often used by Chinese martial artists to help slow down the heartbeat either during or after a fight or any other strenuous exercise.

This sound can also be used to help with insomnia. You can make it from 3 to 9 times per set, and repeat each set several times if needed to help slow the heart and calm the entire system down.

How adding eggs to your salads can help you prevent cancer

Eggs, which seem to have an off-again, on-again romance in the world of health (some saying they contribute to high cholesterol levels, others saying they're beneficial and perfectly fine to enjoy), have recently been touted as having incredible health benefits. One key to enjoying their benefits, according to a study conducted by Purdue University researchers, is adding them to salads containing raw vegetables. The university experts maintain that doing so bolsters health immensely; quite simply, adding cooked, whole eggs to salads improves absorption of carotenoids, fat-soluble nutrients which play a role in lessening oxidative stress and inflammation.

While it's no secret that this kind of stress and inflammation contributes to a host of health conditions, it's clear that one area of concern which constantly rears its health-robbing head is cancer. But according to the American Institute for Cancer Research, carotenoids, which are typically found in colorful fruits and vegetables, have been linked to cancer prevention -- breast cancer in particular.

Put eggs in salads to increase absorption of carotenoids

However, the Purdue University researchers noted that, while some people enjoy vegetables in their salads, it's often not a sufficient amount. Therefore, they're not obtaining many carotenoids. They also suggest that people have a tendency to further cut their health short; not only are they not adding enough vegetables to salads, but they're using excessive amounts of high-calorie salad dressing or low-fat ones that deprive them of necessary, healthy fats. Their study found that eggs can help address this issue; when assessing several variations of salad toppings, they determined that the absorption of carotenoids was three to eight-fold higher when a salad included three scrambled eggs as opposed to none at all. Scrambled eggs were used in the study to ensure that participants consumed both egg whites and egg yolks; they say that other egg types (for example, hard-boiled) would likely yield comparable results.

"Most people do not eat enough vegetables in their diets," said Jung Eun Kim, a postdoctoral researcher in Purdue's Department of Nutrition Science, "and at the same time, people are consuming salad dressings that have less fat or are fat-free. Our research findings support that people obtained more of the health-promoting carotenoids from raw vegetables when cooked whole eggs were also consumed. Eggs, a nutrient-rich food containing essential amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids and B vitamins, may be used to increase the nutritive value of vegetables, which are under consumed by the majority of people living in the United States."

Study details: Eggs make healthy salads even healthier

The study was published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. It outlines how people in the study either ate salads with no eggs or ate ones with varying amounts of eggs. Then, as the study states, "Total and individual carotenoid contents, including lutein, zeaxanthin , [alpha]-carotene, [beta]-carotene, and lycopene in TRL were analyzed, and composite areas under the curve (AUCs) were calculated" by examining blood levels.(3)

The researchers concluded that adding eggs is a healthy way to boost carotenoid intake and overall health. "These findings support that co-consuming cooked whole eggs is an effective way to enhance carotenoid absorption from other carotenoid-rich foods such as a raw mixed-vegetable salad," the journal's information notes.

Eggs are considered a healthy option by many people, in or out of salads. According to The World's Healthiest Foods website, eggs possess the entire range of B vitamins, from B1 and B3 to choline and folic acid. Additionally, the site maintains that they've been shown to increase HDL cholesterol levels (the good kind) and improve overall functioning, and that eating one to six of them weekly -- contrary to what many people think -- doesn't contribute to heart attack or stroke.

The anti-diabetic potential of nettles and walnut leaves

In the United States and throughout the world, rates of diabetic patients continue to rise. In America alone, it is estimated that there are between 26 and 30 million diabetics, about a quarter of them undiagnosed and untreated. This constitutes a major challenge to the healthcare system since this chronic condition can lead to serious long-term health problems. These problems can include kidney failure, blindness, neuropathy and even amputations due to poor wound healing and/or circulation. Conventional medicine has tried to treat diabetes with insulin and/or pills to help control blood sugars, but due to the serious side effects of such medications, the search is on to find natural solutions to help manage diabetes on a day-to-day basis - and to prevent complications from arising. Let's take a look at a few natural solutions that may have significant anti-diabetic potential: Nettles and walnut leaves.

The recent study

This latest research is coming out of Iran, where scientists have been looking at both stinging nettle and walnut leaves as a potential source of new diabetic therapies. The enzymes from these plants are just two of over 400 plant extracts that are being studied worldwide for one special reason: They are able to block the activity of alpha-amylase, a substance which allows for the digestion of carbohydrates in the stomach, and for a corresponding rise in blood sugar levels.

There are, in fact, many drugs on the market called alpha-amylase inhibitors - which seek to control diabetes in this way. The reason, however, that researchers from all over the world are searching for natural ways to do this is because these particular drugs can have serious long-term side effects. This is why so many diabetes researchers are talking about this study.

What scientists found

This recent study came out of the Hormozgan University for Medical Science in Bandar Abbas, Iran. As part of their research, scientists looked at the effects the extract of both nettles and walnut leaves had in regards to blocking the activity of the alpha amylase. What they found was that both plant extracts were very effective at blocking this compound. When a dosage of 2mg/ml extract of nettle was used, the result was a 60 percent inhibition of the alpha amylase, while walnut leaf extract, at a concentration of 0.4mg/ml had the same effect.

Researchers noted that this was the first time that extracts of these plants has been clinically proven to have an anti-diabetic effect, and that this study could lead to further fruitful research in the future. And while most studies are geared towards isolating an active component - with the idea of eventually turning into a prescription or over-the-counter medication - this might not be necessary, especially not if more research reinforces the fact that simple extracts of these plants can help diabetics control their condition.

In short, diabetes is a serious condition which affects people all around the world, in wealthy and poor countries alike. However, much research is being devoted to finding natural ways to help combat this disease that do not cause serious long-term side effects like many conventional anti-diabetic drugs today. Studies like this one offer some promise of being able to come up with plant-based treatments to control diabetes and prevent the onset of the severe complications this disease can bring with it.

There is deadly formaldehyde in clothing, food, cigarettes and vaccines - what will you be wearing, eating, smoking and injecting today?

As you may know, formaldehyde, a highly carcinogenic fluid, is used to embalm the dead and preserve the cadaver for viewing purposes, such as at open casket ceremonies or for anatomy, dissection and surgery classes. Ranked one of the most hazardous compounds to human health, formaldehyde can cause liver damage, gastrointestinal issues, reproductive deformation, respiratory distress and cancer. When a person dies, the first stage of decomposition is autolysis or self-digestion, because the active process of digestion of nutrients by live cells has ceased. Digestive enzymes therefore enter the cells and start breaking them down. Methods of preserving cadavers have changed over the past two centuries, but formaldehyde is the main embalming chemical used today. It's a colorless solution that maintains that life-like texture of the body for an extended period of time, and this "fixation" of the cadaver terminates all ongoing biochemical reactions. Many people recall their first experience with formaldehyde in high school biology class, where specimens float in glass jars in an awfully stinky liquid called formalin, which is simply formaldehyde gas mixed with water. The smell alone is enough to send two out of every three people running out of the room. And now onward to the health discussion.

Little do most people know today that formaldehyde shows up where they least expect it, like in their food, clothing, cosmetics, vaccines and flu shots. Maybe they don't know because they can't smell it.

Many of today's cosmetics and home-building materials contain and release formaldehyde, as do chemically-treated forms of cotton, silk and wool. Ever tried on new clothes and itched like crazy right away? Even lotions and deodorants can contain preservative molecules that react to become formaldehyde, a.k.a. "releasers" - that way the manufacturer can trick the consumer because they don't have to list formaldehyde as an ingredient or chemical used to make the product or treat it.

Exposure to formaldehyde can cause contact dermatitis, allergic reactions, rashes and yes, leukemia. If you're a woman who uses cosmetics or lotions with chemicals in them, they end up in your blood. If you're a man who uses antiperspirant and deodorants with chemicals in them, they end up in your blood. What do you think happens when your clothing contains formaldehyde and you work out and sweat while wearing those "cotton" T-shirts, underwear and sweat pants? What about the sheets you sleep on? Is it time to demand organic clothing, linens and diapers? Cotton is a crop, don't forget, which happens to involve 25 percent of the world's pesticide use, including insecticide and fungicide. Did you know it takes about one-third of a pound of pesticide to grow enough cotton for one T-shirt? What do you get when you mix pesticide with formaldehyde and "consume" it? Ask a smoker.

Formaldehyde in vaccines, diet drinks and clothing

FYI: Aspartame turns into formaldehyde in the human body: "Since 1987, formaldehyde has been listed by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a probable human carcinogen. Used as an embalming agent, formaldehyde has been indicated in birth defects, and in environmental allergies. It has been shown to cause both lymphoma and leukemia in lab rats and in humans. It is known that aspartame turns into formaldehyde in the body, but it has been thought that this formaldehyde was then being eliminated quickly. However, a study in 1998 demonstrated that dietary aspartame binds to tissues in protein. It was found in liver, kidney, and blood. The report suggested that the buildup of aspartame was cumulative; that is, it continues to build up without being excreted, causing more damage over time. This report concluded that "aspartame consumption may constitute a hazard because of its contribution to the formation of formaldehyde adducts."

After 20 years of poisoning its consumers with Aspartame, PepsiCo says it's removing aspartame from Diet Pepsi, but inserting Sucralose instead. Sucralose is created in a laboratory and is synthetic. How much of this carcinogen will they need to use keep their Diet Pepsi fans? That's like if some evil scientist said he took the mercury out of vaccines but was going to use snake venom instead. Trading one evil for another. Still, toxic Aspartame will remain in thousands of products manufactured and sold around the world in food, sodas, protein shakes and gum and candy for the children.

Then there's formaldehyde in vaccines, which is highly dangerous because vaccines bypass breathing and digestive filters. Formaldehyde is listed by CDC as an ingredient in Diphtheria/Tetanus/Polio vaccine. It's also listed on the Hepatitis B and flu shots, along with deadly aluminum hydroxide, aluminum phosphate and bovine cow serum. The scariest part is that formaldehyde has been known to FAIL TO DEACTIVATE THE VIRUS the vaccine is intended to cure, thus enabling a live virus to enter your blood and infect your system.

Take the "die" out of your "diet." Never eat, drink, smoke, inject or put deadly chemicals like formaldehyde on your skin again. You do have a choice and knowledge is power.