August 20, 2014

Man Plays Violin During His Own Brain Surgery (10 pics)

Google Earth's View of the Boneyard, Where Planes Go to Die

The 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group (AMARG), also known as the Boneyard, is a four square mile site in Arizona housing 4,000 retired aircraft—or at least one of almost every US armed forces plane since WWII.
Google Earth has recently released this gorgeous (in a maudlin sort of way), 1.5MB satellite view of the facility. You can see the entire shot over on the BBC, and if you're annoyed by their tiny frame, just right click the magnified version to "view image" to see the entire thing. You can also just check it out through Google.
For those of you thinking the Boneyard is a rotting pile of our tax dollars, well, it sort of is. But the base claims that for every $1 invested here, $11 are returned through salvaged parts (and it's easier than dropping off a rusting B52 at the local recycling facility). 

August 19, 2014

Man, 19, Poses For New Mug Shot Wearing T-Shirt With Photo Of His Old Mug Shot

In a marvelously meta moment, a 19-year-old last week posed for a jail booking photo while wearing a t-shirt with a reproduction of the mug shot taken of him after a June arrest for drunk driving.

Robert Burt was busted for operating under the influence and driving without a license. Burt, a resident of the central Maine town of Pittsfield, posed for a June 14 booking photo (seen below) at the Somerset County Jail. He was wearing a white t-shirt and held a slate in his right hand.

After copping a drunk driving plea, Burt was ordered to spend two days in custody, beginning August 8 at 6 PM. “Going to do my 48 hours whoo,” Burt announced on Facebook two hours before surrendering.

When he later arrived at the jail, Burt was searched, directed to pose for a mug shot, and shown to a cell. He was especially prepared for the booking photo session.

As seen in the above mug shot (click to enlarge), a coworker of Burt’s at a Pittsfield restaurant created a shirt with a reproduction of the booking photo taken following his mid-June arrest. The t-shirt photo was captioned “Burt Family Reunion 8/8-8/10/2014” and “sponsored by Bud Light and Somerset County Sheriff.”

Beneath Burt’s mug shot was a second image showing a cat sitting on a couch flanked by a TV remote and a bottle of Bud Light. The cat photo, sadly, was too far down the shirt to be captured by the jail’s mug shot camera.

Burt, who happily wore the orange shirt for his jail photo, subsequently wrote on Facebook that corrections officers made him hold the slate in a way “so you could see the shirt.” He added, “They laughed there asses off haha.” The shirt’s mention of a family reunion is an apparent reference to an incarcerated Burt relative.

Following his 48 hours in the clink, Burt emerged from the Somerset County lockup last Sunday evening and went to Facebook to share the good news with friends. “I’m out bitchs,” he wrote. Two days later, he delivered a glowing rev


NAVY SEAL. Those two words conjure images of warriors with not a ounce of quit in them. Well that image is upheld by former Navy Seal Christopher Mark Heben. This 44 year old was shot in the stomach in a parking lot over a dispute. That part could happen to anybody but where most of us would have laid down and cried, Heben went into overdrive. He reportedly plugged the hole in his abdomen while chasing the assailants who shot him. Yeah bad ass. He had to detour from the chase to the hospital ( he is still human after all) for treatment and the cowards got away. Two days later he showed his warrior spirit by posting to his facebook page (hit source below)"I've been up walking around, yesterday and again this morning. The nurses are telling me to 'take it slow'.....YEAH RIGHT!" The police are still searching for those responsible and with more publicity hopefully they will be caught. We salute Chris and wish him well on his way to recovery. #DigestIT and share the story to your brothers.

August 18, 2014

Pure Coconut Milk Benefits and Side Effects on Health

Coconut milk is made from flesh or meat of the ripe coconut fruit. It is a milky white liquid extracted from the coconut fruit. The good thing about this milk is most coconuts are grown without the use of fertilizers which means that this is the best organic milk that we should consider in our diet. Pure coconut milk is very popular in many cultures around the world. 

When it comes to the benefits of pure milk from coconut, the star of its components is the lauric acid which is similar to the milk of breastfeeding mothers. This organic milk contains 50% of fatty acid which is also lauric acid. Lauric acid increases the brain and bone development of our body and also acts as an anticancer and antiviral. Aside from the mentioned advantages of lauric acid to the body, it also boosts the body's immune system as well as acts as healthy substitutes for lactose intolerant patients because it is lactose free milk. But always consider both pure coconut milk benefits and side effects to maintain a healthy body.
There have been researches and reports that excessive intake of this natural milk can lead to various health conditions of the body because of its high content of saturated fats. These high saturated fats can lead to high cholesterol, weight gain and even allergic reaction for some. This is why it is good to know about both the pure coconut milk benefits and side effects to limit our intake of this milk. In fact, we should always be aware that anything used or taken excessively could have side effects.

What are the Benefits of Coconut Milk?
  • Prevents the Development of Cancer - Pure milk from coconut contains high level of antioxidant properties which effective get rid of free radicals that cause cancer. Thus, this milk effectively prevents the early development of cancer diseases.
  • Rich in Vitamins, Minerals and Protein - Pure milk from coconut is rich in vitamins and minerals as well as protein promoting proper nutrition and healthy diet for the body. It contains iron, selenium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and vitamins C, E, B1, B3, B5 and B6. All these vitamins and minerals are essential for maintaining our body's health. This is one of the pure coconut milk benefits and side effects will be discussed further below.
  • Increases the Production of Energy - Since this organic milk from coconut contains medium chain fatty acids, it is easily absorbed by the body and turns it into energy rather than fats. Pure milk from coconut fruit is beneficial to people who perform stressful and strenuous activities that need high energy.
  • Helps in Weight Loss Program - Pure coconut milk is not similar to other milk that contains too much fat. It contains fewer fats.
  • Prevents Manganese Deficiency - Lack of manganese or manganese deficiency can lead to some severe health conditions. These health problems caused by manganese deficiency could be prevented by including coconut milk in the patient's diet. This organic milk from coconut meat is rich in manganese similar to grains, legumes and nuts. It is very important to know both pure coconut milk benefits and side effects to limit our intake.
  • Maintains the Elasticity and Flexibility of the Skin and Blood Vessels - Copper and Vitamin C are known to increase the skin's elasticity and flexibility as well as for the skin. In addition, Vitamin C also increases the body's level of immunity against diseases. Pure milk from coconut is rich in both copper and Vitamin C thus promoting skin and blood vessel's elasticity and flexibility.
  • Strengthens Bones - Coconut milk also helps in strengthening our bones because of its phosphorus contents. Although it is not rich in calcium, phosphorus is also an essential mineral for strengthening bones.
  • Prevents Anemia - Anemia is a condition where the body is lack of hemoglobin that maintains the body's oxygen levels. Coconut milk is rich in iron thus preventing anemia disease and promotes the body's normal oxygen levels.
  • Helps in Lowering High Blood Pressure - It is very essential to have knowledge on both pure coconut milk benefits and side effects to balance our intake of this essential liquid. Sufficient intake of this milk can aid in lowering the body's blood pressure level. This is because of its rich in potassium content which is proven to lower and normalize the body's blood pressure. Remember that high blood pressure can trigger other severe complications such as heart diseases.
  • Maintains the Body's Immunity Level - Since pure coconut milk is rich in vitamin c, it is a very effective liquid for maintaining the body's immunity level thus preventing common diseases such as cough, cold, fever and flu.
  • Prevents Prostate Problems - Men should also consider the consumption of pure coconut milk to protect them from prostate cancer. This is because it is rich in zinc which is known to be effective in protecting men's reproductive health especially the prostate from cancer related diseases.
4 Coconut Milk Side Effects (If taken excessively)
  • High Cholesterol - Some researches proved that too much consumption of pure coconut milk can lead to the elevation of Lipoprotein in our body which also increases the risk of the body from high cholesterol. However, moderate consumption of pure milk from coconut could provide benefits to the body's health.
  • Allergic Reaction - It is necessary to our health to understand the pure coconut milk benefits and side effects. Too much consumption of pure coconut milk can lead to allergic reactions but this is only in rare cases. However, allergic reaction from pure milk of coconut could be life threatening especially if not treated well. Most people who have history of food allergies are at risks of allergic reaction.
  • Heart Diseases - Since excessive intake of natural pure milk, oil, or meat from coconut increases the body's risk having high cholesterol level, it also increases the body’s risks of developing cardiovascular or heart diseases. Basically, high cholesterol level of the body could potentially block the arteries thus causing several heart diseases.
  • Weight Gain - Although it has been mentioned before that it could help in weight loss program, it could also lead to weight gain when taken in excessive amount. This is because, this pure milk from coconut is a high source of calories which should be limited for people who want to lose weight.

Heal Your Gut with These Probiotic Foods

Today there's a supplement for everything. And while supplementation has its place in natural healing, it's important not to forget that real healing can - and should - come from whole foods, too. Probiotic foods in particular offer an important key to health. They are valuable for protecting the body against invaders and they also help us assimilate the nutrients we eat. Probiotic foods have been a staple in cultures throughout the world for century upon century. This not only made storing certain foods easier (before refrigeration and preservatives were invented), but fermentation and culturing also bestowed a new level of nutritional value on these foods. Today we can take advantage of these methods by adding more probiotic foods to our diets.

Here are four foods that offer loads of probiotic power in every bite:

1. Sauerkraut

Sauerkraut is a familiar and simple probiotic food. Quality store bought sauerkraut can be found, but you need to make sure it is raw (unheated) so the probiotic cultures are preserved. However, sauerkraut is also incredibly simple to make at home. Shredded organic cabbage and sea salt is enough to do the trick, but you can also add whey to encourage lacto-fermentation or onions and spices to change the flavor up a bit.

2. Kefir Water

Not to be confused with dairy kefir, this kefir drink requires no dairy or milk at all. It can be made at home very easily, and only needs to culture for 24-48 hours. The result is something like sparkling water or juice, tangy and sweet all at the same time. You start with water kefir grains, organic sugar (to feed the grains) and organic fruit or juice to flavor. Most people will find these drinks enjoyable, and kefir water can be especially useful as a replacement for conventional juices and sodas for adults and children alike.

3. Kombucha

Another delectable fermented beverage, kombucha is made by fermented organic black tea with sugar and a scoby (also known as the kombucha mother or mushroom). Kombucha typically takes longer than kefir water to ferment, but the result is a beverage so nutritious it can be called medicinal. Many people rave about the detoxification benefits of drinking kombucha every day. Kombucha can also be purchased at health food stores in a variety of flavors, but of course making it at home is much more economic.

4. Fermented Soy

There are two sides of the coin when it comes to soy. Processed soy products, soybean oil, and any soy that has not been fermented are not healthful and may actually cause damage to your thyroid, digestion and hormone levels. However, on the flip side, fermented soy in moderate amounts can actually be quite healthy, providing protein, vitamins and minerals in addition to natural probiotics. Fermented soy foods includes miso, tempeh and fermented soy sauce.

Naps are good! 12 tips to get the best nap and 6 ways napping can improve your health

Okay, so it's the middle of the afternoon and you're trying to find a good reason not to take a nap.

You've got a lot of work to still do. You don't want to appear lazy. You'll just go to bed a little earlier tonight. You think there must be something wrong with you because you always seem to want to doze off this time of day.

Well, what would you say if we told you that napping was not only a good idea, but actually a way to improve your health? It's true. In fact, a mid-afternoon nap of just 10 minutes or so -- some people like to call them "power naps," but whatever -- can help you remain alert for another two hours, which is generally more than enough to let you finish normal work days.

Here are 12 tips to help you get the best naps:

-- Consider your regular sleep schedule. In Dr. Sara Mednick, Ph.D.'s book Take a Nap!, she notes that the best time to nap depends on when you wake up. Early risers, for instance, who get up around 5:00 a.m. should think about napping around 1:00 p.m.

-- Time them for the afternoons. In the late 1980s, researchers began to hone in on the value of napping. One of their early observations about sleeping during the day was that mid-afternoon slumps are just part of the human condition.

-- Think ahead. Staying up late (or worse, all night) is not the best thing for you; if you are going to do it, then consider it with the thought of taking a nap the next day.

-- Be safe! Sleeping just six or so hours a night, rather than the requisite eight hours, doubles your risk of falling asleep at the wheel. A 30-minute nap has been shown to boost your awareness.

-- Preempt that night shift. A study of night workers found that, though an evening nap plus caffeine was one way to stay awake, a nap alone improved alertness, and without the damaging caffeine side effects.

-- Nap smarter! There have been a wide range of nap times examined, but for most people, one between 10 and 20 minutes is best.

-- Nothing wrong with a wake-up call. "Setting an alarm is really helpful for napping," said Janet Kennedy, Ph.D., clinical psychologist and founder of NYC Sleep Doctor.

-- Nap-happy place. For the perfect nap, you will want to find a dark, quiet place to lie down.

-- Meditate. You have been there: You are nearly asleep on your feet, with your eyes still open. But as soon as you get all hunkered down, your mind begins to race. Calm yourself first with meditation techniques such as breathing and visualizations.

-- Trust your instincts. Kennedy told The Huffington Post, "Some people just aren't good nappers." You'll just have to get enough sleep the regular way.

-- Losing sleep at night? "If a person is having difficulty sleeping at night -- either falling asleep or prolonged night waking -- I advise against napping at all," Kennedy said.

-- Don't risk it. Some places just aren't nap-friendly; is your workplace one of them?

6 nap health benefits:

-- Again, napping is a boon to your alertness: A study by NASA found that there were higher measures of alertness in pilots after just a 40-minute nap, when compared to pilots who did not get one. Even just 20 minutes will perk up a shift worker.

-- Napping improves learning and retention: It is the deeper rapid eye movement (REM) sleep that has been linked to the cognitive process, so it is no surprise that a longer nap will get you these benefits.

-- Napping can increase creativity: If you have ever awakened from a nap, only to solve a problem that has been bugging you, researchers have found that nappers who enter REM have a tendency to do that.

-- Napping boosts creativity: Most bosses may not believe this, but science has proven that an afternoon nap is the opposite of laziness at work.

-- Lift your spirits: Sleepiness leads to crankiness. Just think about a toddler who hasn't had a nap.

-- Stress reliever: Napping can be a luxury, sure, but just escaping for a short nap can have a wonderfully positive effect on your stress level, which also lowers your risk of cardiovascular disease.