November 24, 2015

Two dozen Disney IT workers prepare to sue over foreign replacement

At least 23 former Disney IT workers have filed complaints with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) over the loss of their jobs to foreign replacements. This federal filing is a first step to filing a lawsuit alleging discrimination.
These employees are arguing that they are victims of national origin discrimination, a complaint increasingly raised by U.S. workers who have lost their jobs to foreign workers on H-1B and other temporary visas.
Sara Blackwell, the Florida attorney representing the workers, says the deadline for Disney employees terminated on Jan. 30 for filing EEOC actions is Thursday.
These employees are making discrimination claims with the EEO under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, citing in part "hostile treatment in forcing the Americans to train their replacements." The claims include discrimination based on national origin and age.
A Disney spokeswoman, Jacquee Wahler, in an email response to the EEOC claims, said: "We comply with all applicable employment laws. We are expanding our IT department and adding more jobs for U.S. IT workers."
Disney's layoff last January followed agreements with IT services contractorsthat use foreign labor, mostly from India. Some former Disney workers have begun to go public over the displacement process.
In the ongoing conflict over U.S. worker displacements, this may well be the largest number of people to take action in this manner. "I'm hoping that it signifies that American workers are being brave and standing up and doing something about it," said Blackwell.
The EEOC investigates claims of discrimination, and has the option of bringing its own lawsuit. The commission typically issues a right-to-sue letter, with the next step being a lawsuit.
Separately, Blackwell said, Disney workers are also claiming violation of Florida's discrimination laws. Employees have until Jan. 30, 2016 to file a state claim.
One potential result of a Disney legal fight is to keep the visa-related displacement issue alive during the presidential race. The Disney workers affected were based in the Orlando area, in the home state of presidential candidate Republican Sen. Marco Rubio, a leading proponent of increasing the visa cap.
Rubio is a co-sponsor of the legislation, the I-Square bill, which would raise the H-1B’s annual base cap of 65,000 to 195,000 and eliminate any cap on people who earn advanced degrees at U.S. universities. Rubio, in remarks at the most recent debate earlier this month, said he wanted any firm that abused the program barred from it. But he didn’t offer any specifics about what constitutes abuse and how it would be enforced.

Al Sharpton gave himself a 71 percent raise last year after his National Action Network group drew a record $6.9 million in donations

It pays to have friends in high places.
Al Sharpton gave himself a 71 percent raise last year after his National Action Network group drew a record $6.9 million in donations — as the controversial cleric’s association with Mayor de Blasio and President Obama lent him a newfound air of legitimacy.
De Blasio’s election gave Sharpton a seat at City Hall, as the mayor treated him as an adviser and presented him at a press event next to Police Commissioner Bill Bratton after the death of Eric Garner.
Also in 2014, Obama addressed NAN’s annual convention, bringing along five of his Cabinet members.
The Harlem-based nonprofit collected $2 million more in 2014 than the year before, according to the latest financial records available.
Sharpton’s pay increased from $241,545 in 2013 to $412,644, including a bonus of $64,400, tax filings obtained by The Post show.
In April, four months after his pal de Blasio took office, some 5,000 people attended NAN’s 2014 conference headlined by Obama and attended by the mayor, Gov. Cuomo and then-US Attorney General Eric Holder. It was NAN’s biggest fund-raiser of the year.
In October, a few months after Sharpton’s summer of police protests, he pulled in a reported $1 million at his 60th-birthday bash. Pols and dignitaries rushed from the annual Al Smith Dinner hosted by Timothy Cardinal Dolan that same night to the NAN fund-raiser at the Four Seasons restaurant. 
NAN does not need to disclose its donors, but a program distributed at his birthday parties had full-page ads from companies that gave money. AT&T, real-estate developer Forest City Ratner, Walmart, McDonald’s, Verizon and GE Asset Management were all included.
Although Sony’s then-co-chairwoman, Amy Pascal, met with Sharpton in 2014 after a hacker revealed racially insensitive e-mails, the reverend told The Post that Sony did not give NAN money.
The windfall allowed the organization to finish 2014 in the black. Yet NAN, and Sharpton, continued their deadbeat ways.
NAN didn’t pony up its last installment on the $780,145 it owed the IRS for unpaid payroll taxes until this Oct. 22, the organization’s financial statements show. The nonprofit had racked up unpaid payroll taxes since at least 2003, according to public records.
Sharpton, meanwhile, still has outstanding tax liens of $3.4 million, including money he owes personally to both New York state and the IRS, and taxes owed by his businesses, according to public records. He paid off one federal lien, for $931,398, in April.
Sharpton has maintained that he owes much less money than records reflect and that he has been chipping away at the bills through payment plans.
He also insists he didn’t really get a raise last year.
“I’m glad that NAN has resolved all of our past tax debts three years earlier than our agreement with the IRS and paid part of the compensation owed to me for several years I did not receive a salary,” Sharpton said in a statement. 
Tax records show NAN paid him $4,860 in 2006 and nothing in 2007 and 2008.
But a spokesman for the organization offered a different explanation, saying the salary hike was repayment of loans Sharpton previously made to NAN.
Former IRS official Marcus Owens, an expert on nonprofit law, said the explanation seemed odd.

Obama Claims GOP Helps ISIS; Cartoon EXPOSES The Truth

Kimberly Morin reports that Obama’s handling of ISIS and Islamic extremists in the United States and the Middle East has been pathetic at best and extremely dangerous for this country and the entire world.
A recent report shows that the Obama Administration JUST NOW started trying to take out structural supports of ISIS.

From FrontPage:
The worst part is that this is Obama’s version of an “escalation”. He could have taken out ISIS tanker trucks along time ago, but then the drivers would have died. (Via J.E. Dyer)
“In Al-Bukamal, we destroyed 116 tanker trucks, which we believe will reduce ISIL’s ability to transport its stolen oil products,” Warren said. “This is our first strike against tanker trucks, and to minimize risks to civilians, we conducted a leaflet drop prior to the strike. We did a show of force, by — we had aircraft essentially buzz the trucks at low altitude.”
The leaflets, which fluttered to the ground about 45 minutes before the strikes, simply said: “Get out of your trucks now, and run away from them. Warning: airstrikes are coming. Oil trucks will be destroyed. Get away from your oil trucks immediately. Do not risk your life.”
“We combine these leaflet drops with very low altitude passes of some of our attack aviation, which sends a very powerful message,” the colonel added.

So after all this time, they came up with a great plan; drop flyers on ISIS trucks so that the drivers, who may or may not be ISIS members, can run away in time. Meanwhile ISIS gets 45 minutes of warning.
If the left stays in power, the Islamic Nazis will win in this version of history.
How is the United States expected to win the war against Islamic extremists if we aren’t really fighting it?

Obama Claims Religious Tests Shameful; Then Ignores THIS

When President Obama attacks Republicans for suggesting that there be a “religious test” for refugees resettling in the U.S., he claims it’s “shameful” and “un-American.” He’s lying to you.
The fact is, as National Review points out, a “religious test,” or determining the religion of refugees entering this country, is not only “American,” it’s required by federal law.
Under 8 U.S. Code Section 1158, the law states immigration officials:
must establish that … religion [among other things] … was or will be at least one central reason for persecuting the applicant.

In addition, the person applying for “refugee status” must actually be a “refugee,” as defined by federal law.
That definition (set forth in Section 1101(a)(42)(A) of Title , U.S. Code) also requires the executive branch to take account of the alien’s religion: The term “refugee” means (A) any person who is outside any country of such person’s nationality … and who is unable or unwilling to return to … that country because of persecution or a well-founded fear of persecution on account of … religion [among other things] …[.] The law requires a “religious test.” And the reason for that is obvious. Asylum law is not a reflection of the incumbent president’s personal (and rather eccentric) sense of compassion. Asylum is a discretionary national act of compassion that is directed, by law not whim, to address persecution.
Just because one comes from a country ravaged by war doesn’t automatically entitle them to “refugee status.” There must be evidence of persecution.

Now here’s the rub:
It’s clear – and stated – that ISIS is persecuting and singling out Christians. They’ve said so explicitly. And while ISIS seems to have no problem if Muslims are killed in the process, they’re not ISIS’ primary target. In fact, they want compliant Muslims to live in ISIS-controlled territory under their caliphate.
Obama prefers not to dwell on the distinction between the jihadist treatment of Muslims, on the one hand, and of Christians, Jews and other religions, on the other hand, because he — like much of Washington — inhabits a world in which jihadists are not Islamic and, therefore, have no common ground with other Muslims … notwithstanding that jihadists emerge whenever and wherever a population of sharia-adherent Muslims reaches critical mass. But this is sheer fantasy. While there is no question that ISIS will kill and persecute Muslims whom it regards as apostates for refusing to adhere to its construction of Islam, it is abject idiocy to suggest that Muslims are facing the same ubiquity and intensity of persecution as Christians.
So, it is a lie to claim a religious test is “un-American.” It’s federal law. The National Review again: “How can something American law requires be ‘not American’? And how can a national expression of compassion expressly aimed at alleviating persecution be ‘shameful’?”

Cartoon BRUTALLY Destroys Obama Over His ISIS Strategy

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough claims Obama is on “another planet” when it comes to dealing with ISIS:
MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough called out President Obama on his Monday “Morning Joe” show as a “petulant” leader in the war on terror, and said the White House leader has a long way to go in terms of waking up to the realities of ISIS.
“The commander in chief sets the tone,” said Scarborough, Breitbart reported. “And right now he’s going to G20 conferences being petulant like he’s running in an Illinois Senate race whacking around Republicans.
Scarborough also slammed Obama for pinning Americans’ fear of ISIS on the media.
Get the details on Obama’s activities in “The People vs. Barack Obama: The Criminal Case Against the Obama Administration.”

“The president is on another planet when it comes to this war on terror,” Scarborough said. “He blamed it on the media. He said you guys are whipping people into a frenzy.”
Scarborough also brought up how a week ago, a poll from Washington Post and NBC News found fully 81 percent of American participants believed the nation was very, or somewhat likely, to be on the receiving end of a large terror attack soon.

Meme Reveals HARD TRUTH Every Gun Grabber Needs to Know

The Analytical Economist reports that a new review of the literature on gun control finds gun control measures to be completely ineffective. In other news, the sky is blue.
The review was conducted by Florida State University criminologist Gary Kleck. Kleck examined 41 studies on gun ownership and crime.

From RealClearPolitics:
First, he looked for a validated measure of gun ownership. In-depth surveys and percent of suicides with guns were two of the few acceptable measures. Second, he checked to see if confounding variables were properly controlled for and how many were included. Third, he checked to see whether the researchers used procedures that would rule out reverse causality, i.e. whether crime rates actually caused gun ownership to increase. (Past studies have shown that when crime rises in an area, gun ownership often increases, likely for purposes of self-defense.)

In all, the 41 studies produced 90 findings on gun ownership and various crime rates. Of these, 64% found no statistically significant positive affect between gun ownership and crime. However, 52% did identify a link between gun ownership and homicide.
When Kleck applied his three methodological criteria (valid measure of gun ownership, causality procedures, controlled for >5 confounding variables) to the studies, he found that the more criteria they met, the more likely they were to show no link between gun ownership and crime. The reversal was particularly noticeable for homicide. While 65% of the studies that met none of the criteria found a link between gun ownership and homicide, the three studies that met all of the criteria did not.
“The overall pattern is very clear – the more methodologically adequate research is, the less likely it is to support the more guns-more crime hypothesis,” Kleck remarked.

Unfortunately you probably won’t see Kleck at CPAC anytime soon, as he’s a registered Democrat and member of the ACLU, Amnesty International, and a handful of other liberal groups.
I joked the other day that it’s humorous how the liberals who constantly tell us deporting 12 million illegals is logistically impossible are the same ones who think rounding up the 300 million firearms in this country is a brilliant idea.
At least one of them is thinking.

Hilarious Meme Reveals The Future of Those Seeking “Safe Spaces”

 From CNS News:
With changes afoot, the University of Missouri is facing an image crisis after days of protests over concerns about the administration’s handling of racial issues and subsequent leadership resignations.
Upset and embarrassed, confused graduates are calling the alumni association to vent and ask questions about what’s happened. State lawmakers who represent Columbia say state funding for the university likely will be under closer scrutiny this year. Worried parents have told the school they’re concerned about their sons and daughters.
University of Missouri spokeswoman Mary Jo Banken says there’s no denying that the school went through “a really unsettling time — and it’s probably going to be somewhat unsettling for a while.”

As the school deals with its tarnished reputation, the University of Missouri System has hired the son of U.S. Sen. Roy Blunt as a lobbyist, and about 20,000 newly accepted students who would start in the fall have been sent letters assuring them that campus is safe.
Banken said the focus has turned to communicating what steps are being taken to address student concerns, including the development of diversity training for administrators, faculty and students and the new administrative position of vice chancellor for inclusion, diversity and equity.
“Yes, we do care about the image, that’s important,” Banken said. “But more importantly it’s doing what needs to be done, and doing the right thing and then talking about it openly. I think then as a result of that, our image will improve.”
Tensions at Mizzou came to a head earlier this month in response to numerous reports of racist incidents and administrators’ perceived lack of response. A graduate student launched a hunger strike, and the football team threatened a boycott. Students camped in tents by Traditions Plaza — at the heart of campus — for days, calling for System President Tim Wolfe to step down or be removed from office.
Wolfe and Columbia campus Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin announced their resignations Nov. 9.

The heavy media coverage left an imprint on the minds of alumni, too, to the point that about 25 members left the Mizzou Alumni Association, Executive Director Todd McCubbin said. He tells graduates who call and are grappling with what has happened that, “Mizzou is not what they’ve been seeing on the news.”
“But it’s also not sunny and 75 (degrees) on the Quad every day,” he said. “We’re somewhere in the middle.”
Ryan Rink, who graduated from Mizzou in 1995 and was in Columbia on Friday for a reunion, said he hopes what’s happened at the university can motivate other schools to change.
“This is a bigger problem than just Mizzou,” Rink said.
Other universities — such as Yale, where students protested following a professor’s response to a university email warning about racially insensitive Halloween costumes — also are dealing with racial issues, Banken said. She said the school also is “gratified” by marches and rallies at other universities to show unity with the Columbia cause, she said.
“We don’t mind being the center of attention for a while,” Banken said, “if it leads to something better.”